Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Five weeks ago I was sent home from a routine doctor appointment on full bed rest and no clue what was in store for baby boy and me. I remember my OB's exact words. "Honey, if you can just make it to 28 weeks I will be thrilled."

And here we are!!! I cannot begin to express the joy I have knowing that he has a good, fighting chance if he were to arrive anytime soon. He is healthy and has measured well so far. And while his lungs are not fully developed, they are much better formed than five weeks ago!

I saw my OB this past week for the first time since that visit and surgery and the look on his face was priceless. He was smiling as he walked in the door and just sat there staring at me with this silly smile. I truly think he was surprised to see me still pregnant! It was such a satisfying moment for me too, knowing I have done my part for my child. I have obeyed every rule (kicking and screaming some days) for five weeks and it's working. Thank you, Lord.

The plan remains the same. Lay low until 37 weeks (week of June 23) and I'll have my stitches removed. Only the Lord knows if he'll come that day or give his momma a few days to get off this couch before his arrival! I tried to bargain with my doctor for a slightly earlier removal the week before, but he's sticking to his guns. And I respect that.

Elliot has finally grown accustomed to our new little routine at home and her behavior has improved greatly over the last 2 weeks. She has been so helpful- grabbing things off the ground for mommy or getting an extra pillow, cleaning up her mess (in mommy's area at least!) and picking out clothes from her drawers. She has always been an independent little girl but we are noticing that even more now. I think she is going to be a wonderful big sister!

Both of my loves were a little under the weather this past weekend and boy was that hard to lay around watch! But Grant, being the trooper that he is, made sure Elliot had a good Easter weekend anyway. I am so thankful for this man!

Grant and Elliot had a packed Easter morning together with church and a family brunch while I had my own little celebration at home. We ended the day with a little egg hunt in our backyard with my toosh reclined in a chaise lounger. It was such a beautiful day and a great way for us to celebrate Easter and 28 weeks pregnant together!

My dear friend, Leslie snapped a picture of my two loves at church- thank you! Can't wait to be holding another little bundle of joy for next year's photo.

And just look at how Elliot and one of her little BFFs, Jules! They have grown so much in the last two years! 

The easter bunny (grammy) hid some "monies" as Elliot says, in a few eggs this year :). This girl loves coins for her piggy bank!

Not quite the Easter weekend we planned for but just as happy!

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