Saturday, March 29, 2014

Here we go again!

Let's not even talk about how long it's been since I've updated and move right to the present. We have been busy running after and being entertained by a toddler and loving every minute of it. I just wish I had documented more of our adventures.

We found out last fall that we are expecting another little one and recently that we're having a boy! It took me awhile to grasp the fact that I'd see a little boy running around my home. We have thoroughly enjoyed having a girl (though she's not much of a girly-girl and honestly, we like it) but are thrilled to have a boy and start a new adventure. Elliot wasn't
sure what to think in the beginning as she only talked about having a little sister. But she's excited to share with her little brother her love for the Grizzlies and all their names. Honestly, that incentive is what helped her accept that a baby boy was going to be sleeping in the room next to her!

This pregnancy has been different from the beginning.. more nausea and sickness overall, more pressure/discomfort and surprisingly not much weight gain in the beginning. I fully expected to have similar issues with my body this time as I did with Elliot regarding her arrival and the need for bedrest. But we learned of problems a lot sooner this time around and I had a small procedure last week to help thwart the possibility of delivery in the next few weeks.

So, here I am one day shy of 25 weeks and on full bedrest with the following privileges:
-to and from the bathroom
-shower less than 10 minutes
-sitting at table (or anywhere) at 90 degree angle for no more than 30min/day

Kind of harsh, but so far it's working! We've almost completed 2 weeks now and received a great report from the doctor this week, so I will continue this routine until I deliver. We've been given encouragement from the physican that we have a good chance to make it to 37 weeks and we are clinging to that!

Elliot is learning how to spend time with Mom a little different these days

We're slowly finding what works so that I can help with Elliot's routine and spend time with her. We read together every night, say our prayers as a family from the couch and I sing her songs through the monitor at bedtime. (And naturally, watch a few of her shows together). Whatever gets the snuggles at this point! It's not exactly the way I'd like to do things, but each day I'm thankful I'm at home on bed rest rather than at the hospital. And most importantly, that our little boy is still growing.

We have been blessed by many friends and family already that have helped make this new phase as smooth as possible and for that we are so very thankful. Grant is doing a great job as Mr. Mom and keeping Elliot entertained, too. It's hard to miss out on the fun but I'm thankful she is happy and keeping her routine as much as possible. 

Grizzlies Party at Putt-Putt

We appreciate all the prayers on our behalf and well wishes we've received and ask that you continue to pray for us during this process. 

There's a master list around here of all I'd like to accomplish from the couch in the next possible 15 weeks and maybe I'll share that next time. But for now, hit me up with your favorite books and television series I might access from Netflix!