Tuesday, March 20, 2012

6 months

It's hard to believe that 2 more months have passed. Lots of things new things have happened with our little, Elliot and we are having a blast!

Little E,
Your daddy and I think the world of you and can't get enough of this little smile of yours! Since you started solid foods about 1 1/2 months ago, you have really begun to grow. You've enjoyed almost all the foods we've introduced with the exception of peas. :) Although, your favorite foods right now seem to be carrots, sweet potatoes, mango and bananas.

We almost made it to our goal of nursing for at least 6 months! Unfortunately, with Mommy's return to work and other variables out of my control, your last milk bottle was two weeks ago. I'd like to think you haven't noticed the difference between milk and formula, but I'm sure you do. In fact, your Daddy and I are surprised you enjoy it, because it certainly doesn't smell very good as we prepare it! But you are now taking 8oz with an occasional 6oz when you eat more food and seem to be doing fine.

During the last month, we've seen you roll over for the first time! Luckily daddy and I were at home together with you and were able to enjoy that little milestone. This is a true testament to what I'd heard before you were born- babies will decide to accomplish their tasks or reach their milestones in their own time. And while I thought I'd see you roll over from your tummy to your back first, it was the complete opposite. :) In fact, we're still working on tummy to back right now. But I know you'll do it when you're good and ready.

A few more things we've seen and enjoyed about you these past 2 months:
- You're so close to sitting up on your own without our worry of you falling backwards
- Your laugh is infectious and is most often heard while being tickled by Daddy or being thrown in the air. Did I mention you love your Daddy?! Man o man, there's nothing like Daddy right now. We pretty much fight over who gets to put you down at bedtime, get you up in the morning and so on. But there's no doubt about it- when you want to be consoled, snuggled or have your bottle, Dad's the go-to person these days. And I'm glad y'all are bonding so well. (with a little secret jealousy mixed in there, too :) ).
- You are starting to show your smile to others now and it's so fun to watch.
- You are sleeping through the night, UNSWADDLED! This is still very new for you (maybe one week in) and something we consider a huge accomplishment. We went through a few rough nights trying to help you transition but you are now sleeping with just your legs in a little velcro blanket and have slept through the night without a peep. In fact, you've slept on your tummy for 2 nights now!
- You've still got pretty blue eyes and I hope you keep them! We think these must have come from your poppy (or so we like to tell ourselves) because there are no blue eyes in this Burke family.
-We haven't been to the doctor yet for your 6 month check up and I can't wait to hear how much you've grown!

This is one of your favorite books to read and eat! (Thanks, Aunt Debbie!)

Spring is finally here, but way too warm right now. If you're anything like your momma, you will stay close to water this summer!

a little ride on the turtle or frog? we weren't quite sure what this thing was!
But we know you'll come to love this park in the next few years.

First taste of squash

And new shades!

One other fun thing we did with you this month was get you your very own passport because we are taking you to Europe this summer, little Elle! Daddy is teaching a group of senior high students in France/Italy for a few weeks and we decided we'd make it a family affair! Some think we're crazy- and maybe so, but we are excited about this family adventure and look forward to more fun memories with you.

We are completely in love with you and are in disbelief that you are already 6 months old! We thank God each day for you and the opportunity He has given us to be your parents. Happy 6 months, Elliot!



  1. Oh my goodness- cannot get over the cuteness that is Elliot! And your hair looks good right now :) We need to catch up...and I have a 5 year old today, weird!!

  2. She is TOOOOOO cute!! i love that squash photo of you two. :)

  3. I LOVE YOU ELLIOT!!!! You are just a little beam of light with those bright eyes!