Friday, January 20, 2012

3 and 4 months

(**warning-this is a long one and the spacing is all weird- despite my many attempts to edit with no success when publishing)

I can't believe you are already 4 months, Elliot. My, how you've changed in the last 2 months!

(you love walks to the park)

For starters, you're sleeping through the night with only a few exceptions here and there. And luckily, you so kindly did this the week before I had to go back to work :). We don't know what we did (probably nothing!) but it just happened and we are loving it!

Here are the highlights during your 3rd month

- you found your hands and you love to put them in your mouth!
- you continue to dislike being on your tummy, but we're working on it :)
- you are smiling and "talking" more than ever and we have had so much fun with you
- you pooped in the bathtub for the first time (I thought your Daddy was going to lose it!)
- we placed you in the bumbo seat this month and were surprised at how well you did. You are getting so strong!
- we are still swaddling you at night because we're not sure any of us will get sleep if we don't ;)
- we increased the amount of milk you drink to 5 oz this month and you officially moved up to size 2 diapers. Not to mention your departure from size 0-3 month clothing! You're not so tiny anymore and that has been a little sad for Mommy.

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving with Grammy's side of the family and you met several family members for the first time!

(your cousin, Taylor couldn't wait to hold you and you fell right asleep!)

The biggest thing during this 3rd month was Mommy's return to work. I feel so lucky to have spent 12 weeks at home with you. I don't count those 2 weeks at home (on the couch!) that I spent waiting on you. :). I always told myself that I am not a stay-at-home Mom. But as Dec 14th came closer and closer, I started to re-think that. We just got into a lovely routine while we were at home together and I am still adjusting to this new one! Those few hours after getting home and before your bedtime are so precious to your Daddy and me. We are anxious for the weekend most of the time!

We were so blessed to have you stay with Daddy, Grammy and Grandad/Grandmom for the first 2 weeks of my return to work and that certainly helped me feel more at ease while I was away from you. Daddy was so glad to have some special time with you and I think you loved it, too.

This last month (your 4th) has been full of new things.

-You've turned the corner with tummy time. You still don't like it but you are tolerating much better and trying so hard to roll over! You haven't quite mastered that on your own, but with a little help from us, you make it happen.
- You are full-out laughing! We enjoy all your coos but there's nothing like your little laugh. It's only fitting that your first laugh came through a little song and dance with Daddy. I tried for hours to get you to laugh with me but I just didn't have what it took that day. (Daddy's girl, already!). But we've found our little thing now and I just love hearing it.
- You are keeping that head up a lot! You love facing out on our laps and being propped in a sitting position anywhere, really. You love the Bumbo even more this month and especially love being held on my hip.
-You love story time. You are more aware of everything lately, but especially books. You switch your gaze back and forth as we read and enjoy placing your hands on the pages, too. (and I help you with you touch and feel books, of course). I love this time of day when we are reading together!
-You started Day School at Highland and you love your teacher, Miss Jesse! You're surrounded by boys right now but we're think a little girl is starting soon :)

We had several photo shoots with you this month in preparation and celebration of Christmas and it was so fun. We started out with some pictures of you and your BFF, Juliette at her house. And y'all certainly put on a show for us!

Juliette let you borrow her hat and and I think this is the only "smile" we got out of you that night!

And this is pretty much how most of the pictures went.. both of you doing your own thing. But looking adorable doing it, of course!

We did manage to get a cute one, I think.

We had fun one day trying to get a photo for our Christmas card. You did great, but we pushed you to the limit a bit. :)

For your first Christmas Eve, we had Grammy, Grandad and Grandmom over to our house and we had such a good time.

We headed back to visit with both of your Grandparents on Christmas morning

It's hard to believe that you will be walking this coming Christmas. We are savoring these snuggle times with you, as we know things will be much different this year!

We never made it to meet Santa before Christmas, but he made a special stop to see your BFF, Juliette and we jumped in for a visit, too. (Thanks, Leslie!)

We are so glad you feel better, Juliette- we missed this little grin!

We have enjoyed bundling you up on cold days and getting you pumped about the Grizzlies since they started back in Decemeber. I guess we have a little work to do on your excitement with the NBA!

We love you, sweet baby. You are our joy in life and we are so very thankful for you!
Happy 4 months!


  1. She is such a beauty!!! And for what it's worth, we swaddled R until probably 6 months or so, so don't feel bad doing what you need to do to keep those good nights of sleep going! :)

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