Friday, November 4, 2011

the first 6 weeks

Well, we've started to settle into a routine during the day, for the most part. Getting out of the house has become easier and I just love toting E around town. Although, we've yet to venture out at night as a family but plan to this weekend. Hopefully she'll be just as good!

The biggest thing that has happened during her 6th week was sleeping through the night twice! What a big difference that made for me those two days. Its true what other moms say, l felt like a new person!

She's now coming up on her 7th week and of course I had grand plans to post about her at one month but you can imagine how difficult it is. She is changing and growing so much! We've enjoyed her looking at us more intently and making new noises, but especially her recent moments of smiling. She loves to be on her changing table and this is where I seem to get the most smiles from her. It's just the sweetest thing!

But sometimes we catch her doing things like this

And we think it's hilarious. In fact, its one of my favorite pictures. She just has the cutest look on her face!

Something we failed to do (which I hope we don't regret) is set up a full session of pictures of Elliot as a newborn after we got home. Obviously, our life was turned upside down and the last thing on my mind was setting up a photo session. But while we were at the hospital, our friends Stephen and Amanda Jerkins stopped by for a visit and Stephen snapped a few pictures of our family and we are so thankful he shared his talent with us. They are a few of my most treasured photos and I am so glad we have them. Thank you, Stephen!

Two weeks ago we set her up for her one month pictures. She's just a little tired!

I love this picture because I think she looks like my Dad :)

And here's our little cutie at 6 weeks

My darling,
You have brought so much joy into our life. These first 6 weeks of your life have been wonderful and we are enjoying watching you change and grow, although its bittersweet! You have certainly become a little snuggler as you love to sleep on us and we love it just as much. Mommy is enjoying her time with you at home so much. You are becoming more awake during the day and love to be on your tummy. But I think your favorite thing right now is to ride in the stroller for family walks! You are a blessing my dear and we are just so in love with you.

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