Sunday, May 20, 2012

7 months old and then some...

Let's face it- I'm never on time, I'm constantly forgetting things and I have a bad habit of procrastinating. So the fact that April 20th (and now, May 20th-8months) has come and gone without a 7 month post about our little Elliot does not surprise me one bit. And I'm sure you, either! 

Dear Elliot,

This month has been filled with so many fun memories and "firsts" for you. Starting with your first road trip-- to Heber Springs, AR. We hope to spend some more time here this summer and take you on the boat! You were a trooper in the car and we loved introducing you to our favorite little burger and shake joint- the Bulldog. And we got to spend some time with your "aunt" Emily, "uncle" Jarrod and Sadie. (Thanks for letting us stop in for a visit!).

gimme that shake, mama!

you seem to enjoy the water so far

Mommy has been waiting for the perfect time to take you to a Grizzlies game so you could experience what your Daddy and I love so dearly! And I think it's safe to say you had a good time. Here you are meeting the very guy that inspired us to choose your name- Elliot Perry. (his name was one of many on daddy's "sports list" of names and for some reason, even as we threw around other contenders, this one just seemed to stick). Thanks for sharing in our joy, EP!

We celebrated Easter during this month and how special it was to be there with our family and friends on such an important day. And of course to see you in your first little Easter dress was special, too :)

And that's about how the pictures went for us this afternoon. I think we pushed you to the limit! But to me, it's these kind of pictures that make the best memories. :)

We also got to start snuggling with your BFF, Juliette and "aunt" Leslie again. We had so much fun!

The weather was amazing during this month and we enjoyed taking you to the zoo several times

You also started sitting up last month, but we can officially say that you are sitting up all by yourself and can wiggle your way to safety if you start to fall, this month. You are such a big girl, now!
You started saying "da-da" recently, too. I wasn't too surprised, as you love your daddy something fierce! What's with this screaming when Dad leaves the room, huh?! It's okay, I know I'll be the favorite later :).

We have been having so much fun with you, Elle and we are so in love with you and your little personality. We miss you when we're not with you and have to stop ourselves from waking you at night to play!

We love you, little angel.

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