Monday, December 31, 2012

food blog addiction

It's no secret, I LOVE food. For most holidays, birthdays or any occasion really, I've asked for a cookbook. I currently have 30. But there's about 15 new ones on my wish list this very minute. Ridiculous, I know.  Lately, I've been getting my inspiration from various blogs, rather than turning to my beloved cookbooks. My google reader is filled with so many "food" blogs right now, I can't keep up.

I check reader most every day. Considering this is usually done in the mornings or on my lunch break, I star the titles that look good to me and I go back later to take a peek at the recipe (I can't help but read friends' posts right then and there, though).

So, in the spirit of what several avid bloggers do around this time of year, I'd like to share my favorites (from their blogs!) in 2012. Most of these recipes were made more than once, even twice at our house this year. And the remainder are our more recent favorites.

In no particular order.

1.  Baked Tex-Mex Pimento Cheese Dip   via Annie's Eats. This is my go-to cheese dip now. It's different than the usual and has an extra kick. It doesn't last long, either!

2. Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada Bake via Picky Palate. Working full time has me looking for easy meals during the week and this has been one of my favorites. And it's easy to substitute for a healthier version, too.

3. Taco Pizza via Real Mom Kitchen. Now, this one is far from healthy but easy and delicious. If you're like my husband and enjoy Taco Bell (I'm betting few of you) then this is your meal. I have not adjusted this recipe for a lighter version, but there could be a few things done.  Try it, you'll love it. I mean, who doesn't love crescent rolls?

4. Mexican Lasagna via Annie's Eats. There seems to be a theme here, I guess. This family loves mexican food and meals that will last more than one night! This is actually a low maintenance meal, though it looks time consuming. And its so, so good. Just read the directions carefully and remember to put foil on the pan before baking, or your noodles will get hard and burn pretty quickly. First time mistake I haven't made twice.

5. Orzo with Kale, Corn and Sausage via Family Bites. I absolutely love orzo. And kale is one of new favorite veggies. This is easy, delicious and pretty healthy. Especially if you go with whole wheat orzo. We've eaten it as a main dish, a side to a larger meat and most definitely for weekly lunches.

6. Brown Butter Funfetti Snickerdoodles via une gamine dans la cuisine. As far as cookies go, Snickerdoodles are generally off my radar. Sure, they're good. But you know, just the same ole, same ole. These are different, I tell you. And its definitely the brown butter. If you put enough sprinkles in, there's a little crunch, too.

7.Cinnamon Clove Coffee Cookies with Irish Cream Frosting via bake your day and BHG. These cookies are so good. If you love coffee, you've got to try these. The cookie itself is very similar to the Irish Cream cookies (linked within the frosting) I made for a cookie exchange a few years ago but the cinnamon/clove in this one really gives it a kick. And you can never go wrong with Irish Cream Frosting!

8. Jamie Oliver's Vegetable Soup via Jamie Oliver. This was brought to us by a dear friend while I was on bedrest with Elliot and I've made it so many times since then. Its easy, healthy and delicious! (Even Elliot loves it!).

In addition to the blogs above, I also frequent the following and suggest you take a peek sometime, too. Or add them to your Reader :)

-Espresso and Cream: Madison is a successful food editor and provides a wide range of recipes on her blog. Plus, other good (non-food) related reads. She's also the one that helped me win the cookie exhange a few years ago with her Iced Eggnog cookies!

-My Baking Addiction: There are some serious desserts here. I can't get enough of this one.

-Channeling Contessa: I've just recently come into this blog via Joy the Baker. Like me, she loves Ina Garten. And she recently got the chance to meet her, along with Joy the Baker and Willow Bird, below. If Ina has invited these ladies over for a cookie exchange, then I gotta see what they're all about.

-Willow Bird Baking: Also a part of Ina's cookie exchange this year, Julie has so many great recipes on her blog. I've loved every one of them. Including her rosemary thumbprints with clementine curd.  Very different, but good!

-Confections of a Foodie Bride: One of the most delicious from-scratch strawberry cakes can be found here.

-Kitchen Confidante: This girl, Liren can really cook. And she's got several awards/honorable mentions to show for it, too. Plus, good photos that make you want to prepare each recipe she posts.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop here. Hope you enjoy these recipes and blogs as much as I do!

P.S. We had a wonderful Christamas and the proof is coming!


  1. I'm in the same boat with the food blog addiction :) I wanted to let you know (if you haven't heard of it yet) there is a free reader called Velvet Aroma- you can look it up on google I think. And it's much better for food blogs as a reader. I think you can even save up to 25 recipes in a "cookbook" on the site too. I check my VA account almost every day :)

  2. All of these sound wonderful! I guess I will have to make when Kelby is out of town, you know the picky eater he is. I might could sub some of the cheeses for something else. Ughh picky eaters!