Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We had a nice little getaway to Arkansas with several friends last weekend and experienced our first ever, Beanfest. We visited Mountain View, AR this summer and really enjoyed the quaint charm of the town square. So when we heard that there was a festival-of-sorts going on in this amazing weather, we had to check it out.

Mountain View is a short drive from Heber, where our friends graciously hosted us for the weekend. The nearly 100 acres of land was just beautiful and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a few shots. We spent most of Saturday walking around the small town square, listening to some blue grass music and of course, eating beans and cornbread!

Elliot fell in love with a hand-carved "cat" chair and she did not want to get out of it! (we're hoping this is not the beginning of a new love for cars because momma is allergic!)

Anticipation for the noon bell that was rung to signal the dash of grabbing beans and cornbread. I'm not used to eating a just a bowl of beans, so that part was strange but they were pretty tasty!

Love all these girls! The little ones had such a great time :)

 The weather was surprisingly cold for this time of year but we welcomed it with open arms and enjoyed spending our time chatting by the fire and munchin' on a few s'more bars. On top of that,  Elliot slept one full hour past her normal wake up time!

Perfect weekend. Looking forward to next year!

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  1. Love that Elliot! Love that one of her standing toward the end. Such a big girl! :)