Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It sure is hard to look at that number and think it has any association with my name. But, it's true. I'm officially 30 (back in July, that is). I've been told by many that their 30's brought great memories. Here's hoping to that. We're off to a great start, so far!

I'll admit, I wasn't too crazy about this birthday coming around the corner. But as it got closer and our plans to celebrate were shaping up, I started getting more excited. We celebrated at work a little early with a trip to the Trolley Stop (one of my faves), Jim's Place with the in-laws and Houston's with Mom, all back-to-back (I probably gained 5 lbs this particular week).

My friend, Leslie had a good idea to meet up for dinner one night of my birthday week to one of new favorite places, Las Delicias. The place was so crowded when we arrived and the hostess took us all the way to the back of the restaurant. And before I knew it, there were 16 girls yelling, "surprise!". I was completely shocked. So much so, I cried. And due to the embarrassment (it doesn't take much with me!) I quickly found an empty seat so I could stop crying. That's when I spotted my oldest and dearest friends who came in town just to have dinner and celebrate my birthday. We had a great time catching up and enjoying Muddys, of course. :).

Grant will attest to the fact that it's really hard to surprise me. But y'all did it! Thanks to my dear friend, Leslie for taking the time to arrange such a lovely celebration and my first surprise party! And to all my friends who came to celebrate with me- thank you, too! What a great way to start 30.

 It was super hot in this place (duh, it was July) and these are blurry, but you get the idea.

Love y'all!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mandi! Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you girls!