Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 months

This little cutie is 10 months old already (July 20th). Months 8 and 9 were pretty busy so they'll just have to get lumped into this one, too!

My darling, Elliot. You have changed so much in the past 3 months! I cannot believe we are 2 months from you turning one. Daddy and I have recently discussed how its impossible to love you more than we already do but somehow, each day, it happens. I hate to leave you in the morning. I think about you all day and can't wait to pick you up from school when the work day is over. We are having so much fun with you and have enjoyed all the new things you've accomplished lately.

 You started several of these new things while we were in Europe. Crawling was essentially perfected in France where you became lightning fast! You also started pulling up to pretty much everything. That became a little tricky as you would pull up to the crib and not be able to get down. There were a few sleepless nights while we were gone and I think this may have contributed :). But about 2 weeks after we returned, you figured out how to get down without our help!

You love drinking out of Mama and Dada's water bottles or glass cups.

You're not really into posing for pictures and I kinda like it because we end up with some pretty hilarious ones.

 You started eating a lot more finger foods while on vacation which made meals pretty fun. You love bananas, blueberries and broccoli right now. You're very careful when you try new things-slowly pick it up, examine it and then put just a little in your mouth before you decide to ingest the whole thing. It's pretty funny to watch. We're still working on "please" and "thank you" in sign, but you've got "more" down pat. Well, your version, that is :).

 You love music and touching every instrument we have. We visited your friend, Juliette and y'all had fun on the piano. Aunt Leslie and I enjoyed watching the two of you interact, too. It mainly involved you both wanting each others toys!

We also went to the lake again for a mini-family reunion this past month. Your great-aunts were dying to meet you and we all needed a little getaway. This was your second time at the lake, but first time on the boat. And you love water...thank goodness! The first time we put you in your little float, you started screaming and clapping your hands. It was the cutest thing!

You and Maisy are becoming little buddies these days

 Of course this is what you'd rather play with on the boat... easy to please!

Daddy caught you a fish on our "beach" but he slipped out of our hands before you could touch him! 

We are starting to see your little personality shine and it's been fun to watch. When meeting someone new or someone you don't see often, you've started to turn your head away and give a bashful grin. It's pretty cute. And we've heard an intentional "uh-oh" from you so many times, now. Within 3 months, you have moved up rooms in day school two times! You're growing too fast and mama can't stand it. You love your little friends at school and have grown attached to each teacher you've had! Ive been told that the game you enjoy playing there involves removing the socks from one of your friends feet and laughing at him afterwards. Fortunately, he thinks its funny too and laughs right back.  This might get you in trouble one day, though! :)

One of my favorite things is to sneak up on you at school in the afternoons and see what you're up to. And this past week I came to the door to find you standing at a toy and I said, "hi baby!" and you turned to wave at me and proceed to clap your hands. It was the first time I had seen an intentional "hi" or "bye" motion from you without prompting and of course, it's always so sweet to see you excited to see me, too. Because I nearly race to school each day to see you!

You still cry when Daddy leaves the room and usually want to be held by him if he's near you. Mama jokes about him being the favorite but deep down I love that you have bonded with your Daddy. And I look forward to what that will look like in years to come. You two are quite the pair!

We adore you Elliot! 

Love, Mama

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  1. so sweet Mandi! I love this precious chubby little girl!