Sunday, March 20, 2011

recent tradition

We've been blessed for the past 3 years to have an opportunity to travel with/without the Grizzlies to see an away game for almost free of charge. And I'm wondering if our luck has finally run out! I guess we'll find out next year :)

Our first year we traveled with the team to D.C. courtesy of our good friends who essentially gave us their trip. Last year, these same friends helped us win a contest at the Forum and we traveled to Orlando where we extended the trip for a couple days to enjoy Disney World with free tickets from another friend. Thanks to our great friends again this year, we traveled to Dallas with them on their plane and our other friend kindly gave us his tickets again. I told Grant at the game this year that I think our good fortune might have come to an end but I would love to be able to carry this tradition on if at all possible.

People that know us well understand our love for the Grizzlies and there's just nothing better than sitting in an opponents arena and cheering loudly for our Grizzlies. We (well, mainly I) usually make enough noise to warrant looks. And I love it. Especially when we win.

And if you didn't already know, I don't particularly enjoy flying, so this year's trip was a big deal for me. We flew on our friend's plane which holds around 6 people. And this is what everyone pretty much made me do as we landed in Dallas. I'll say, it did help ease my nerves for some reason.

yep, im playing c0-pilot.

before the game. grant wouldn't let me document me tearing up their dumb "go mavs" sign left in each seat.

After our big win! There's a handful of NBA teams on my hit list and the Mavs are near the top. To be there for this win was incredible!

We only wish we had video of the last 3 seconds of the game. Grant more than me though, as I would have been quite embarrassed with my celebration dance/screaming.

But here's a video for those of you who don't follow this team. You can imagine what Grant and I were doing after Zbo made this amazing shot.

We're hoping we get to do this again next year! But first, I'd like to make the playoffs, please.

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