Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet Memories

At times, it's hard to believe that its been 5 years since my Dad left this earth but some days it feels like eternity. The 3rd of January will always be a difficult date for me because I will always think about that cold Tuesday morning in 2006. But every year since his passing, I promised myself I would not let this day be sad, but choose to remember all the great things about him, the wonderful life he led here on earth and how incredibly thankful I am for all the memories I have of us. Especially our wedding. Thank you, Lord for this.

I always think about this lovely lady this time of year, too. So very special.

We can all think of something we admire about our parents, I'm sure. And one of the things I respected most about Dad was his selfless nature. Oh, how I want to be like that. Mom and I would often "get onto him" about doing so much for others and not taking time for himself. But I've realized over the past few years what a pure joy it was for him to be with others, help others and show them Christ. I think this will be the thing I carry with me the most- his love for God and the life he lived for Him. His love for Christ and desire to serve Him was always evident to me and those around him. And I hope that one day, my future child or anyone for that matter, will be able to say the same thing about me.

I smiled when I remembered these things today.

- Dad picking me up from elementary school and both of us singing along to Roy Orbison, 50's/60's tunes and the Harding Academy/University A capella Chorus, that I vowed to be a member of one day. (And those 6 years I sang in the chorus might have been Dad's proudest :). That man loved to sing!
- Winning the Father-Daughter Bowling league and all the many pro-lessons he gave me for years. (yeah, I had my own ball (sparkles of course), gloves, bag and shoes).
- Being present for Monday Night Raw at the Pyramid, front row. Yep, I looooved wrestling in elementary school. what in the world. true love, dad!
- All the road trips we took/nights in the hotels with Dad's awful snoring! Mom and I used to always make of fun of him for that. In a sweet way.
- Snuggling up with him in the recliner and listening to Bible stories as a young girl.
- All the sweet letters of encouragement and advice he sent me at college
- Our last Christmas together
- And the day before he met with the Lord, the hug and kiss I got to give him as he wished me a good first day in graduate school. That moment is ingrained in my mind. And I love to think of it. Often.

Love you and miss you, Dad!

{Emily Smith's wedding 2004}


  1. What a great man! I will always think about the trip to the UT vs. GA game we took in high school with Mr. Carl-- we were all getting into the game (weird that you would be getting into a sporting event.. even though you no longer like this particular team, the Mandi spunk was still in full force at that game :) and your dad was just enjoying life giggling to himself at all three of us! He was a very special man and I'm sure has is in a very special place right now. Thinking of you today, Eryn

  2. So sweet and touching to read this from you about your Dad, Mandi. Your strength and faith are an encouragement to all who know you. Love you!

  3. Mandi, this was so sweet. You have two of the sweetest parents! I still remember when you were in Italy with Harding and I was missing you and wanted to call you, but since I couldn't I called your house and talked to your dad. I also remember the toast your dad made the night you and Grant got engaged and we surprised you by showing up! Well, I don't remember exactly what he said in the toast, only that he was so happy and proud of you. :) Hope to see you very soon!

  4. Mandi absolutely love your post. Your dad sounded like an amazing man. I think he would be pretty proud of you too, you are an amazing, friendly person yourself.

  5. loved reading this. thanks for sharing all your special memories. love the picture of him and you and debbie too. love you!

  6. I can't believe it's been 5 years either, Mandi! He would be so proud of you!! Thinking of you!