Saturday, June 12, 2010

Five years ago

Grant and I were celebrating our first day of marriage here, in Belize.
(our anniversary was really a couple weeks ago, but I just couldn't get it together, as usual!)

This year, we celebrated downtown at Flight. If you've got a special occasion to celebrate or just in the mood for a splurge, this is your place. I loved everything about it- food, service, location and overall concept. The menu is designed with "fights" of every course presented in small portions.

It's perfect for someone like me who agonizes over decisions of any kind (fyi- if there's a plan to eat out, never ask me where I want to eat because most likely I'll say, "where do you want to eat?" and that will go round and round until you want to kick me. Just ask Grant!). So, instead of one entree, I had pork tenderloin, jumbo shrimp and steak. All of it was delicious. especially my 3 desserts!

After dinner we took a stroll through Harbor Town and enjoyed the sunset, which sparked a discussion of why we never thought to move downtown. I say we still can, but Grant isn't quite convinced yet!

Instead of gifts, we've always celebrated with a nice dinner, but this year Grant surprised me with this:

created in his office

and hung in our bedroom to enjoy!

He got his inspiration from this photo we took while in Rome last Fall:

I think he came pretty darn close to replicating it!

I sure do love this guy. Here's to many more years, my love!

While we were celebrating our anniversary, our backyard was going through a major overhaul. We have neglected the backyard for 3 years now and it certainly showed:


during demo:

We knew this would be a project we couldn't do alone and I am so glad we decided to hand it over to someone with more experience.

The grass is slow-moving, but coming along! We're hoping to add a few plants/flowers soon.

But until then, we're off to this lovely place for a week of hiking!

Glacier National Park, Montana


  1. Super Cute aniversary dinner dress! Not the same flight but the Memphis one looks awesome- glad you found it. Have fun hiking!