Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recent Travels

I really thought I'd do better about posting on this blog, but obviously that's not true!

Since the last post, we've entered a new year and so far it's been pretty great. In Februray, we celebrated with our favorite Griz, Zach Randolph (Z-Bo) as he was rewarded a spot to the All Star team during the annual All Star Weekend. Grant made several onesies and small t-shirts for his two girls to wear and celebrate the honor too!

[lost the onesie pictures, but trust me, they are so cute]

Unfortunately, we didn't see the Tigers in March Madness, but we thoroughly enjoyed watching two certain teams in the MidSouth lose in the Elite Eight! (don't act like you didn't either!).

In March, we won a contest at a Grizzlies game that involved writing your name on a piece of paper, folding it into your best make-shift airplane and launching it to center court in hopes of reaching the very center, or closest to.
And the prize? Free airfare to Orlando, tickets to Griz/Magic game and one night stay in the team hotel!

I thought I crafted the perfect plane, but it didn't even reach 3 rows in front me. So, you can imagine my surprise when the lady announced, "Grant Burke" as the winner. As it turned out, our dear friends placed our name on several planes and made a perfect throw. So very sweet!

So, we spent our first Easter away from home and in Orlando and had a great little getaway! We were able to extend the trip to 3 days and spent one day in Disney World at Magic Kingdom, a few hours at the outlet stores, a lovely easter service at church downtown and of course, the game.

Grant's good luck ran out when a bird pooped on him.

But then came back after Disney gave him a voucher for clean clothes!
[I almost didn't believe the sweet lady that walked up to us and said, " Sir, are you okay? Can we get you some new clothes?" Grant certainly wasn't going to say no!]

seriously, not another picture.
Space Mountain

The Grizzlies lost their game Sunday night, but we still had a great trip and are thankful to our friends who helped us get there!

And a couple of days after Orlando, I met my friend, Emily and her precious daughter, Sadie in Little Rock for a quick trip to see our dear friend, Melissa and her two children in Monroe, LA. The trip down and back was short-lived but so worth it!

Nora and Sadie
[if only you could see the things we did to get them to look into the camera!]

sweet, Ethan. He's so cuddly. I love him!

Loved seeing both of you and your precious children!

Now, I think I'll stay put for a little while. And maybe update before 4 months goes by again!


  1. Mandi! I'm glad you're home but I'm glad you had some good travels.

  2. You look pretty good holding that baby!