Monday, August 31, 2009

sweet babies

Despite Grant's rule of "no babies allowed", I've had a lot of time with some cute babies lately and I have loved every minute of it!
My good friend, Jennifer from OT school had her sweet baby boy (over 9lbs!) April 6th.

Reid Luke McMahan

Look at that hair!

Somehow, Jennifer and I never got a picture together with Reid! But both are doing great and I look forward to holding him again soon!

Not too long after Reid's birth, another one made her way into the world. I took off work this past Friday and headed to Pleasant Plains, AR to visit my dearest friend, Emily and her sweet baby girl, Sadie Belle Smith!

She's already got jewelry on! I love it!

She was such a dream... slept the entire time and barely fussy. My kind of baby! Thank you Em for a great lunch and for allowing me to "steal" your sweet one from you for awhile! It was so good to see you and your wonderful family.

Grant met me in Pleasant Plains and we headed to Heber for some R&R. While there, we met up with our friends, Joe and Chanda along with their family and yes, there was more baby time with their precious girl, Mia Murphy.

How adorable is she?!

Oh sweet Mia, you can fall asleep on me anytime!

We also enjoyed the Jerkins' company on the boat with plenty of baked cheetos, swimming with turtles and good music... all without a baby. :)

Truly the best of both worlds this weekend.


  1. You look like a "natural" Mother holding all those precious and cute babies! Great pictures!

  2. awww babies! Baby Mia, I love you! hee hee

  3. She loved you too Leslie ;)
    It was a blast hanging with you guys this weekend. Thanks again for keeping Mia company!