Friday, August 21, 2009

A lovely find

I know, I know, we don't need another project! But I could not let this beauty pass through my hands and to the garbage (because that's where it was going!). Grant snagged a nice card catalog very similar to this from the MUS Library as they were cleaning house which I hope will turn into a great functional piece for our house. And the best part about it, it was FREE!

I haven't decided what do with it yet, but I like these ideas so far...

for the office?

add some legs to it for the dining room?

paint it (any color)

create a distressed look?

What do you think? Any other ideas come to mind?


  1. What a treasure!! And like you said, a free one! I love your ideas, all are good, and would look great anywhere. Of course, I'd love to see it distressed in a "Red" color!

    Love your blog and especially all your photos!


  2. oooh I like the distressed look myself :)