Sunday, July 19, 2009

Near 30

At least that's how I felt when I turned 27 on Friday. Why is it that 27 seems so much closer to 30 than 26?! Not that 30 is old by any means, but there just comes a time in life where you finally feel older and I think that time has arrived!
I had a great weekend celebrating my birthday. My friends at work organized a lunch for me on Friday to celebrate the day and I had a good time listening to my patients guess my age. I heard everything from 18 to 35 (what?!), but most of them were very close.

When I got home, I found these on the kitchen table along with a hidden Starbucks gift card! Thanks Grant! :)

We celebrated Friday night at P.F. Changs with my Mom

And of course she showed out with her beautiful wrapping and cute ideas

I love Martha Stewart and Mom baked 3 different cookies out of the new cookbook she got me. So cute and so yummy!

Grant and I went the Farmer's Market for the first time yesterday and got lots of fresh fruit that I plan to turn into a pie later this week! The weather was perfect last night and we headed to Live at the Garden to hear Joe Cocker and watch old people dance real funny. It was a great night.

And because I love brunch so much, the Burke's took us to Paulette's after church and I so enjoyed their famous popovers with strawberry butter!

All in all it was a great weekend! Next up, Grant's 30th! (Well in a few months).

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  1. Happy Birthday! I turn 27 in a few months, and I think I will feel the same way you do about how it seems so much closer to 30 than 26 did :)