Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Global Efforts

I recently finished reading this book and I am contemplating reading it again because of the way Immaculee inspires me. I realize I am behind the times a bit, considering her book was released several years ago. But, better late than never on this one. There were parts of the book I found very difficult to read, but the overall awareness of the Rwandan Holocaust, the reminder of our freedom and Immaculee's trust in God outweighs the gruesome details. Despite the tragic events, there is beauty in her reflection of God's protection and how her relationship with Him deepened during this time in her life. I do wish I could meet her.

Maybe not what you'd consider a normal "summer read" but a good one, I assure you.

And as I made a quick stop at Starbucks this morning, I was happy see to more products available to the public, as a part of the (PRODUCT)RED™. This summer, Starbucks has released small handbags and tumblers with authentic African fabric created by Rwandan artisans. Click here to read more. I couldn't find any pictures and I didn't purchase one today, so you will have to venture to a Starbucks to see for yourself! This is one of many reasons why I love Starbucks.


  1. I have a (RED) Starbucks card that I've been using since last December. I LOVE IT! I've heard that book is really good--I will have to psych myself up to read it sometime.

  2. Great post! glad you enjoyed the book, I will have to borrow?