Saturday, May 2, 2009

No Babies Allowed

Yes, I have decided to join the blogging world and no, I am not with child. In fact, this blog was only approved by my husband with the promise that the Burke house (and we all know Grant speaks for himself here) would continue with the theme of "No babies allowed."

Thanks to Sara Garner for inspiring me that I can create a blog even though I am not pregnant! And as previously mentioned to others (Jesse, Leslie, Martha...) even though you girls don't have children, you know you are in a different category when it comes to blogs. :) So, just as babies are not allowed in the Burke house, your judgement of my grammar skills is not allowed as you read this blog!

To begin this blog I thought I'd share a few things about myself in the form of 25 things, as many others have already done.

1. If there is something to buy with the word "coffee" in it or on it, I will buy it: drink, candle, candy, ice cream, t-shirt, anything.
2. I lived in Italy for a summer studying with Harding University and would give anything to go back to Europe.
3. Thanks to my Dad, I was a champion bowler in elementary school, equip with my own bowling ball, bag, shoes, and gloves . We won the Father and Daughter league twice at Billy Brunswick.
4. I never hit the snooze button.
5. I want to yell not-nice things when someone does not use their turn signal.
6. I do not tolerate ridiculous rants from UT fans and it almost got me in trouble last year.
7. Besides our honeymoon, I consider our trip to the 2008 Final Four the most exciting thing Grant and I have ever done together.
8. I also answer to these names: Mando and MeMandi
9. As a freshman at David Lipscomb, I won a mock-MTV dating contest wearing leopard pants in front of the entire school.
10. That very same year, I fell flat on my face after tumbling down about 20 steps as chapel let out. Backpack over head and all.
11. I have a new-found love for the NBA now that I married to a Grizzlies fanatic.
12. In fact, because of Grant's obsession we were given the opportunity to travel with the Grizzlies to D.C. for an away game this year and I guess it's the 3rd most awesome thing we've done.
13. I'm pretty sure I win the prize for the wife with the most "stadium cups" present in the kitchen cabinets.
14. I love my profession of Occupational Therapy and can now say that all 7 years of school was completely worth it.
15. I am in love with stationary. And it works out perfectly that one of my friends has beautiful things for sale (If I knew how to link you Leslie, I would)
16. I like to go shopping by myself.
17. I love brunch anywhere I can get it.
18. I once trained for a half marathon and honestly forgot to register for it. Then I registered for a different one, and bailed on it voluntarily. I know, I'm awesome.
19. I love giving "happies" to friends and family.
20. I was tagged a "freak" in the 7th grade. I guess a pair of vans, Gadzooks t-shirts and Nirvana did the trick.
21. I am disgusted that I ever wore the color orange and sang along to rocky top. (thank you for helping me see the light, Grant.)
22. I love Memphis and wish others would appreciate the good that exists.
23. I wish I was more organized.
24. I love gospel and bluegrass music.
25. Grant and I frequently have dance parties to Prince "Lets go Crazy".


  1. yay!! it is fun, and no babies here!

  2. I'm really glad you are blogging--- now I will have another blog to stalk while I am avoiding updating my own (I'm terrible at keeping up my blog, i know!). I loved the leopard pants memory- nice!

    Also, while I am sad that there is no chance of us ever going to a UT game again (like we did in highschool wiht your mom and dad- one of my fav highschool memories) together, I don't believe I am not so fond of the orange anymore as well. Shocking...but true! My husband had converted me--- but to another team than Memphis, sorry!

  3. I'm so excited! I love following blogs and I will definitely be checking yours often. :) I don't know what to blog about anymore now that we are a "normal" couple living in America again (with no kids). My blogging has been slacking a lot. Miss you!

    P.S. I would never refer to your team as "disgusting"... :P

  4. Now Mandi, what is this about you not liking to wear the color orange and seeing the light??? Please tell me that you are still a UT football fan!! :)

  5. Yay! Just found you! Welcome, childless friend. :)

  6. happy you're blogging! i too am a childless blogger - but super bad at updating - it's on the list of things to improve in my life. along with calling people back. so i'm gonna call you tomorrow!