Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We did it

As of Monday morning, I have been free to move about as I please and I'm sure you can imagine our family's joy in hearing this news. The scenario certainly existed in which I could have been told to go straight to labor and delivery but The Lord was good and gracious to us all. While we were told progress was surely underway, it wasn't enough to warrant a stay and off we went!

We headed straight for one of our favorite breakfast spots and enjoyed a nice meal together, just the two of us. To walk, sit at a table and move amongst other folks in town, order my usual latte treat and spend time with the man who has held our entire family together during these difficult 98 days---words cannot describe the joy. 

My hope throughout this process was, that should I get the opportunity to move around before Isaac arrives, I'd love to go on a date and enjoy a nice dinner with my husband. And since our doctor appointment had been moved to the morning, I resigned to the fact that breakfast was likely our best chance. But the day progressed and still no sign of baby and I felt as though we'd get our chance. Sure enough, I found myself thanking God once more for his kindness in allowing me to spend some quality time with Elliot at the park (short-lived though--that humidity, whew!) and indeed, make it through a lovely dinner with my love and no labor interruptions.

 This little cutie (wet hair and all!) was happy for us, too

And so we've made it not just one, but two days without going into labor! Something I hoped for but truthfully, never thought would happen. The most surprising part of this new phase is my physical stamina. Well, the fact that I have no more muscle is certainly evident and I knew it would be difficult to get back on my feet. My body is certainly trying to adjust, supporting all this weight upright, but not just that. It's the pure deconditioning---the inability to walk (or just stand for that matter!) and talk to someone at the same time. Hilarious to witness, I tell you! 

I'll return to the doctor Friday for another check-up, should I make it. We all have bets around here as to when this little one will arrive. I've already surpassed my guess. Elliot told us "Thursday", Grant is holding tight to Friday and my new prediction (and hope!) is for today. I would love for my doctor to see me all the way through this journey and he only delivers on Wednesdays! 

It goes without saying that aside from the good Lord and my patient husband, I could not have made this journey without the love of so many friends and family. I've been brought to tears by the graciousness of others many times in the last 3 months. We are truly blessed.

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