Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 weeks out

The new popular question that's been thrown at me lately is , " So, you've got the nursery ready, right?" My answer is and has been for awhile, a resounding "no!" Depending on who's asking, I'll give details as to what's left and what's holding us up on finishing the room.

Before I go any further, let me say that I absolutely love my husband and his many talents. And I'm beyond grateful for all his hard work in our house! But let's not forget that I am pregnant, emotional and 5 weeks away (hopefully) from giving birth.

And this is the current scene at our house.

Meet our sunroom. The place where things go when projects are happening. The place where big boxes stay for awhile until we finally do something with them. And the room that makes me want to scream most days when I come home. (loving the toilet, aren't you?!)

The sunroom mess is there because of this.

Meet the sweet husband. He started remodeling our main bathroom one month ago. He's making progress and working so hard. I think he knows he won't have time for this soon! :)

But then there's this.

Our guest bedroom. Or what I like to call, "I'm too lazy to find a place for this, so I will throw it in this room and shut the door." This hasn't changed for a month. Except accumulated more things. It's supposed to be the room where my mom sleeps for the first few nights of Elliot's life. Yikes!

But just last night, we made some progress in Elliot's room. Bedding and curtains are in and ready! Here's a sneak peek.

(sorry for the dark picture, Grant's the real photographer in the family)

And while all this remodeling business is happening, Grant finished another project he'd been longing to do. And one I am so excited to have complete!

He created this mosaic tile of our beloved city, all from 7in and 18in colored tiles. We've enjoyed eating outside lately and admiring Memphis. (But I'll love it even more when the cool weather arrives!).

Now, do you blame me for having a few freak out moments at our current situation? Especially after being restricted from my normal pace of life and relying on others to help me. I'd say its not too out of line. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though and I'm hoping this weekend will prove to be productive and I'll have more pictures of Elliot's room for you soon!

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