Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the year 2000

Well, there's really no good reason why I've allowed summer and fall (almost) to pass without updating something! The end of my summer and beginning of fall was spent in large part, preparing for my 10 year high school reunion in September.

It's still hard to grasp that I am old enough to have a high school reunion. And 10 years at that. We had a good turnout for the weekend, minus a little rain for the picnic. We graduated with a class of 100 people and had nearly half of the class attend.

As a senior, my main responsibility as historian of the class was to take pictures. That's it. Easy enough, right? And I think we had a decent slide show to prove I was capable. But for some reason these days I just don't think about taking pictures. In fact, the only reason we have our life documented in photos is because of Grant. So like a dummy, I only took one picture. All weekend.

These are my dear friends, Eryn, Kara, Emily and Melissa. We've been through it all- a few of us as early as elementary school and the rest of us met in 7th grade. Each time we get together, nothing has really changed and I love that. This was the first time in several years (Eryn's wedding in '06, I think) that we were all in the same place together. So much fun!

10 years ago, Emily and I decided this was a good idea

( please don't kill me, Emily!)

candle-light devo during Homecoming week.

Awhile back, I discovered I was not the only one in high school who rocked short hair. There was one more person in this world who had the guts to do it and after Jesse's post on her version of the "mom cut" I figured it was only fair I own up to my version too. But I think this is a little past a "mom cut", don't you Jesse?! Yikes!

This is the one thing my friends never forget and love to remind me of when we get together! And something Grant can't bear to view, I think :)

While planning, gathering photos, memorabilia, etc for the reunion, this little piece of paper was dropped into my hands courtesy of Debbie Edwards (Melissa's mom). I almost fell on the floor when I read it. And after sharing this with the girls we all agreed, we.were.weird.

I guess we ate lots of chocolate pies back then?! who eats whole pies?!

I don't know, but I almost ate a whole loaf of Leslie's pumpkin bread tonight. I guess some things haven't changed.


  1. Mandi, I am crying right now I laughed so hard. Why did we put chocolate pies??? I thought we all had trouble with those blasted chocolate chip cookies on hamburger and fry day at lunch (Wed maybe??)....Needless to say I don't think our pact was very effective- I remember eating lots and lots of french fries senior year! What nerds we were singing this thing like it was the Declaration of Independence!

  2. The pact is hilarious. Ps. I didn't even hardly recognize you with short hair. You look so....different.

  3. Oh my word...So funny. You remember those fried chocolate pies that they sold in the cafeteria, I think that was what that was talking about

  4. Um, that is AWESOME mom hair. :) SO glad you posted it. You looked so Gwenyth-esque!

    And your awesome bodies pact is pretty great, too. haha!